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Niko Group Acquires KNX Member M. Züblin AG

Niko Group, a Belgian company, has taken over M. Züblin AG, a family-owned group of companies, headquartered in Wallisellen (Switzerland), from the founder Mr Michael Züblin. M. Züblin AG (founded in 1986) is active in lighting control sensors as well as in luminaires for specific applications for the residential housing and apartments segment and commercial/industrial building environments. The group has its own sales organizations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Poland and has particular strong positions in the Swiss, German and Austrian markets. The Züblin group has an annual turnover of more than 20 million Euro and employs 65 persons in the above countries.

This acquisition strongly supports Niko Group’s growth strategy for its business line of sensors & lighting control products, with the clear goal to become a key player in the European market in this domain. Earlier acquisitions in this domain have been Servodan (based in Denmark and active in Scandinavia, acquired in 2008) and Unotech (based in Denmark, acquired in 2013 and now fully integrated in Servodan.

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