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KNX for LEED: Enhancing LEED certification through implementing KNX technology

KNX-for-LEEDBy Miguel Angel Jiménez (Author), Jesús Arias (Contributor)
Paperback: 132 pages
Publisher: KNX Association cvba; 1 edition (14 Jan 2013)

This guide brings forth, in a simplified way, solutions to comply with LEED strategies. Without going into highly technical concepts, what is offered is a knowledge that serves as orientation for the sustainable buildings consultant. LEED and KNX pursue the same goals, but at different levels. The future users of the homes and buildings as well as the environment and society in general benefit from the union of the two. KNX can help to implement LEED strategies with the aim of obtaining a high score in the process of certification, which means a more sustainable and more energy efficient building. The success, ease and acceptance with which the KNX technology has been met in the last few years indicates a hopeful future for energy efficiency in buildings and homes, led by a mature standard that defends the concept of a common language. It is not possible to separate technology from sustainable buildings. Just as passive architecture is essential to obtain energy efficiency, the management of the active part through control systems guarantees the adequate and optimised use of the services required for the habitability and efficient use of the whole building. Both LEED certification and the KNX standard have many base philosophical elements in common, which cover all aspects from training systems to support for energy efficiency.

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