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‘KNX and Security’ Presentation Wins the KNX Scientific Award at 2014 KNX Scientific Conference

The bi-annual KNX Scientific Conference was held at University of Applied Sciences RheinMain Wiesbaden, Germany on the 30th – 31st October 2014.

In contrast to the 2012 edition, which was held in Gran Canaria, Spain, this time the KNX Association opted for a more accessible destination in the city of Wiesbaden close to Frankfurt in Germany, at the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain.

The audience of more than 60 participants was again a good mix of industry and scientific partners, and the contributions also reflected this background.

As had been done for the first time at the KNX scientific conference in Gran Canaria, this year the audience were again invited to cast their votes on the presentations. The goal of the voting was to give the KNX Scientific Award to the best presentation, by judging the novelty of the topic, the overall quality of the presentation, and also the added value of the topic for KNX.

Following the vote from the audience, the presentation by Dr. Pees of Gira on using WIFI for KNX communication came third, Mr. Le Men of ABB Newron Systems demonstrating the powerful ETS App ‘Moovin Group’ came second and Mr. Praus of TU Vienna on KNX and Security came first, making him the new lucky owner of 3000€ of prize money.

A copy of all presentations shown at the conference can be downloaded from the following page:

The conference again showed that a challenging future lies ahead for KNX and that the scientific conference is appreciated by the audience as a high value conference for the exchange of views on ongoing technical evolutions, directly or indirectly influencing the future of KNX.

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