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KNX Training Center-Doha Runs KNX Basic Course 23-27 November 2014

The KNX Training Center-DOHA, is a manufacturer-Free Training Center Accredited by the KNX Association to provide KNX Basic and Advanced Courses and their relative Certifications under the KNX Training Number 1927

KNX Basic Course

* Certified KNX Basic Course – 5 Days
* 23th -27th November 2014
* Starts at 09:00 hrs till 17:00 hrs including 60 minutes lunch break

Workshop Target:
* Sales and Marketing Engineers
* Design and Estimation Engineers
* Testing and Commissioning Engineers

Number of attendees:
The participation is limited to maximum 8 persons.

The training will cover the following Theoretical and Practical Courses:

a. KNX System Arguments
b. KNX Communication
c. KNX TP1 Topology
d. KNX TP1 Telegram
e. KNX BUS Devices
f. KNX TP1 Installation
g. KNX Power Line PL 110
h. KNX Project Design ETS4 Professional Planning
i. KNX Commissioning of ETS4
j. KNX Diagnostics & Trouble Shooting of ETS4

Participants who successfully complete the course and final examination will receive the official KNX certificate and become a KNX-Partner. All participants will be given ETS Lite License for FREE (Cost 100 Euros).

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