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Smart home: Habitat connecté, installations domotiques et multimédia

Smart homeBy Meziane Boudellal

Publisher: Dunod (20 Aug 2014)
Language: French

Smart homes (dwellings at the service of the occupants via domestic technology) is a global approach enabling the development or extension of an installation. The work describes the main communication protocols. The functions of a controlled or automated home and the various available solutions are discussed. Ancillary aspects such as data security, electromagnetic fields, and Internet access are also dealt with. Adapting the home to facilitate the daily life of those who are dependant or disabled is also discussed . Finally, examples illustrate the current possibilities for individual or residential dwellings as well as small or medium sized businesses and shops. This work makes it possible to discover the various facets of a smart home in order to know where to procure information, and to do or to have an installation done. It will help installers, promoters, and architects to suggest the best technological solution. It is also intended for those working for energy efficiency through the use of energy management tools.
Meziane Boudellal, PhD in Physical Chemistry. In Germany, Meziane has worked as a researcher in chemistry and electronics {R&D and applications}, then in the automotive industry {catalusis and sensors) in France. He is also a regular contributor to ATEE’s journal, Energie Plus.

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