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Hager Organises First ‘Shake my KNX’ Contest

Last month Hager organised its first ever ‘Shake my KNX’ contest inspired by the concept of hackathons. Hager invited seven teams of experienced KNX integrators to take part in a 24 hour non-stop contest to test the KNX protocol at Simplon in the outskirts of Paris.

During the contest, the participants were challenged to a number of tests, including four programming exercises with ETS, one quiz on home and building automation and one test, where they had to present their future visions on the world of home and building control to a jury. The four programming exercises dealt with such real life topics such as the installation of a residential and commercial building, but also such fun topics such as the control of a scale model of the Titanic.

The contest was concluded with another quiz, where the participants of the winning team were again challenged on their knowledge of the home and building automation world. The lucky winner was awarded a ticket for a trip to attend the next Consumer Electronic Show.

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