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KNX Association Celebrates its Annual KNX National Group Conference in Dubai

KNX has just celebrated its annual KNX National Group Conference in Dubai (United Emirates Arab). On this occasion, more than 50 delegates from 30 different countries joined this special event, which coincided with the launch of ETS5.

A lot of new ideas were put forward by the different delegates from experienced KNX National Groups. Delegates also shared their experiences about the promotion of KNX in their respective countries, which will help new regions to implement good ideas in their countries as well.

Everyone was very enthusiastic to hear what the various KNX National Groups have achieved so far and what new the new Groups will do in the future. This will have a positive effect and ensure greater worldwide success of KNX.

This was the best KNX National Group Conference ever and we look forward to making it better again next year in Athens!

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