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B.E.G. Brück Electronic Moves to New Building Equipped With KNX Control

B.E.G. Brück Electronic has moved its administration from the Schlosserstraße to a new building in the Gerberstrasse, in the industrial area of Klause, Germany.

After a year of intensive planning, the new building was completed in a year, and is located next to B.E.G.’s existing production and distribution centre. B.E.G. has invested several million Euros in the three-storey building. “For us it is an investment in the future: for many years now, the market for energy-efficient products, such as our presence detector, has grown considerably. Now we can easily expand further. In addition, the investment made will pay off over the next few years thanks to the energy saved by the building’s automation system” explains Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Bruck, Managing Director and Founder of B.E.G. 

All of the rooms and corridors are equipped with B.E.G. KNX presence detectors. The control in the office is provided by the newly-developed space controller KNX-RCT, a KNX control panel to which the presence detectors, lighting, blinds and light switches in every room can be connected, providing significant energy efficiencies.

Friedrich Brück is glad that the move of the entire staff worked smoothly. “All of our employees mucked in and got the move done within a day. This shows once more what a great team we have at BEG!”

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