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KNX Association Launches New and Improved My KNX Online Platform

KNX Association has launched the new generation of the KNX Online Shop. The new and improved online platform is called “My KNX” and can be reached, via (as well as the already known URL address Make sure that you bookmark this page!

“My KNX” is an entirely redesigned platform to benefit the entire KNX community. With clear and simplified design, offered in 8 languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Swedish) with more languages in preparation, “My KNX” ensures that the required information can be reached within seconds.

One of the most important features is the integrated automatic support wizard via which you can get support for any of your KNX-related issues at any time, even during weekends and public holidays! Moreover, a rich FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area has been created in order to provide helpful information to those who are not familiar with KNX.

Visit “My KNX” now at and explore all the new features!

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