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KNX Association Offers Chance to Win ETS5 Professional

The new version of the leading software tool for home and building control ETS5, is now available! You now have the chance to win one of the five ETS5 Professional licenses that the KNX Association is giving away. During the 5 first working days of October (until the 7th), an ETS5 Professional will be given away each day to fans/followers sharing the message.

What do you have to do?

1) Become a fan/follower of KNX Association on Facebook or Twitter.

2) Spread the news about the ETS5 release by sharing the following message:
“The new #ETS5, one tool for all media, is now available. For more info, visit:”

Important for Facebook users: to have a chance to win you have to share the status with everyone, not only your friends (simply change in the option next to the date of your message).

Good luck!

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