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Domonetio and Wenzierl Engineering Offer a KNX Product Development Workshop

Domonetio in collaboration with Wenzierl Engineering GmbH announce a KNX Development Workshop in Spain, aimed at those interested in the development of KNX products or internal knowledge of the devices and their intercommunication.

The course will be taught entirely in English, though there will be with the help of an English-Spanish interpreter if required. Mr. Thomas Wenizierl, CEO Weinzierl Engineering, will be responsible for leading the session.

This workshop is a unique opportunity in Spain for in-depth development of KNX products.


The course is aimed at professionals who want to either develop KNX products, or to adapt existing products to meet the KNX standard.


The workshop includes the following topics:

9:00 Morning coffee and get together
9:30 Communication Media KNX KNX TP communication, RF and IP Telegram format and topology
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 KNX Interworking configuration and KNX KNX Interworking Configuration modes
12:30 Coffee break
12:45 Using KNX overview Modules Modules Hardware Aspects BEAMS Protocol / API STD Application development and BEAMS
14:00 Lunch Break
15:00 Using KNX KNX Stacks Stack Hardware Aspects overview KNX Stack architecture Application development
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Tools to Accelerate development KNX KNX MT / ETS kScript: Automated generation of application kdrive: PC library eg programming tool for Net’n Node: Bus monitor and analyzer for KNX
17:15 Product certification Test Procedure and tool costs EITT
17:45 Wrap up and summary
18:00 End of Workshop


You should know the principle operation of the KNX technology such as is covered in the KNX Basic Course.


At the end of the workshop Domonetio will award a Certificate of Participation to those who complete the course.


The workshop will take place on Friday November 7, 2104


The cost per student is €290 and includes lunch and coffee breaks.

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