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ETCO Hosts First KNX Tutor Course in New Zealand

From 20 – 22 of August, KNX International set up tents in the main city of New Zealand, Auckland, for the first ever KNX tutor crash course. The course was kindly hosted by ETCO, an organization that was set up by the local association of electrical contractors, ECANZ, and which is the major training institution for apprentices in New Zealand.

Candidate tutors from ETCO, local integration companies and wholesalers – all with the aim of setting up their own local KNX certified training center – attended the condensed course. During the course Mr. Demarest, CTO of KNX, highlighted the major points of the KNX standardized tutor documentation on topic such as the KNX Protocol, KNX Interworking, KNX microcontrollers and application programs.

The last day was traditionally reserved for the concluding theory and practical test, which all participants passed with flying colours. A new stepping stone has been laid for the further expansion of KNX down under!

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