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KNX Spain Works with FENIE to Promote KNX Nationally

In conjunction with various local associations of the national federation of employers of electrical and telecommunications installers of Spain, FENIE, KNX Spain has organised three seminars so far.

The one-day events gave delegates an introduction to KNX and how it can be used for building automation and energy management.

The first seminar was held in January 2013 in Zaragoza, and had over 40 delegates. Speakers included Secretary of KNX Spain, Michael Sartor, and Manager of KNX Spain member Hogartec, Enrique Barrera. The second event, held in January 2014 in Seville, had over 45 delegates, and the third was also held in January, this time in Mallorca, again with over 45 delegates.

According to Sartor, “These seminars allow industry professional to learn first-hand about the great possibilities KNX offers. They have been remarkably successful, and have encouraged us to negotiate with FENIE to offer more during the latter part of 2014.”

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