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Gira Offers New Generation of KNX Push-Button Bus Couplers

Optimised switch feedback and new options

Because of its improved mechanical systems, the new generation of Gira KNX push-button bus couplers offers an optimised switch feedback and can be integrated in the System 55, E22, S-Color, and now also in the F100 and TX_44 switch ranges. The surface-mounted variants are water-protected in accordance with IP 44 and are delivered as complete devices. For the flush-mounted variants, water-protected installation is possible when a Gira sealing set IP 44 is integrated.

All the flush-mounted variants and the water-protected surface-mounted bus couplers, 1-gang with single-point and two-point operation feature a configurable LED. The Gira KNX push-button bus couplers create the interface between the KNX system and the user. The extremely rugged devices are ideal for use in properties with particular demands, e.g. workshops, public buildings, or even basements.

Available starting 09/2014.

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