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Amaisys Training Center Introduces its KNX Training Lab Online Platform in Spanish, English, Russian and Arabic

KNX is a worldwide standard for intelligent building control and home automation. The demand of the products and services based on the use of the KNX protocol has grown exponentially on the last years. Amaisys Training Center offers official international courses to obtain the KNX system integrator certification. Amaisys Training Center provides courses for KNX Partner and KNX Advanced certifications, and it is the only center worldwide that offers distance learning with real KNX devices.

The Amaisys KNX Training Lab is specially designed for all the professionals that want to improve their automation skills but are not able to visit a training center or do not have KNX equipment to practice.

Amaisys KNX Training Lab is the first KNX online training platform that enables the students to interact with real KNX devices during the learning sessions. Only an internet connection is required to enter into the Amaisys KNX Training Lab and obtain the access to a full KNX environment with theoretical content and real KNX equipment.

Our platform is available in Spanish, English, Russian and Arabic languages.

Obtain your certification and learn an exciting career with the highest demand of professionals.

Or visit the website:

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