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Kremmel & Schneider Joins the KNX Association

The company Kremmel & Schneider GmbH was founded in 1994 by Gernot Kremmel and Christian Schneider in Lustenau, Austria. Kremmel & Schneider is your competent partner for all questions relating to electrical installations, communications and security.

We have been involved in the field of building technology and KNX since 1999, and as an integrator we implemented numerous large and small projects and a wide range of applications for this bus technology. The ever increasing demand for specific special solutions gave us the motivation to set-up our own development department to design and implement both hardware and software solutions. For this reason, the company Sontec was established as a subsidiary of the company Kremmel + Schneider GmbH in 2001. With our in-house control and visualization system “Visu2”, standard automation functions can be extended in many projects as required.

By joining as a KNX Member and gaining access to appropriate vendor tools and specifications we will now expand our services in the field KNX and thus guarantee our customers expertise.

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JUNG area / line coupler
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