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KNX Association Calls for Papers for its 2014 Scientific Conference

Every two years KNX Association organizes the KNX Scientific Conference to encourage co-operation between universities and/or technical institutes and the KNX industry.

This year’s Scientific Conference is to take place at the Hochschule Rhein-Main in Wiesbaden, Germany on the 30th & 31st October 2014.

KNX Association is looking for presentations on new and exciting KNX system innovations as well as on on-going/completed research projects of KNX scientific partners.

Do not miss this occasion to present your work to other partners and to the KNX members. This may take the form of a presentation and/or by means of a small demonstration panel. Presentations are accepted from members of our industry, universities and/or technical institutes.

All the conference papers will be offered for download on the KNX website.

Prospective authors should submit an abstract in English of about one page by the 31st July 2014. Contributions should present recent research and applications focusing on – but not restricted to – the following topics:

– KNX and Web Services
– KNX and IPv6
– Improving semantical description of KNX products through XML
– KNX and communication security
– KNX and new lighting applications (LED, colour control, ….)
– KNX and Heating, Ventilation, Air- Conditioning
– KNX and other new fields of applications (metering, smart grid, security, …)
– KNX and improvement of energy efficiency – climate protection
– KNX and energy harvesting
– KNX and Ambient Assisted Living
– Innovative ETS Apps
– Extensions to current KNX Physical Layers and future KNX transmission media

The final paper must be written in English and should contain no commercial information nor comparative publicity.


– Submission of abstracts: 31 July 2014
– Notification of acceptance: 1 September 2014
– Final papers due: 20 October 2014
– Conference: 30 & 31October 2014

Please note that at the end of the conference, the KNX Scientific Award 2014 will be granted for the best presented paper, based on criteria like novelty of the topic, added value of the topic for KNX, clarity and overall quality of the presentation. The winner will be handed out the KNX Scientific Award Trophy and win 3000 € in prize money.

For details see:

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