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Franke Aquarotter Joins the KNX Association

Franke Aquarotter combines innovative water management systems, the latest technologies and top quality fittings in stainless steel and mineral granite for sanitary rooms to provide individual solutions in the commercial sector.

The ECC2 function controller and its two expansion modules make the water management system “AQUA 3000 open” even more efficient. The entire drinking water system in the building can now be controlled and monitored by mobile, including GLT connection options. The aim is to offer the best possible drinking water hygiene at each sampling point in the building. ECC2 in an Ethernet-CAN coupler, with the power supply system and a web server are integrated. This simplifies the operation of the entire system in all popular browser types. Through a standard RJ45 interface, the A3000 open system can communicate with the existing building control via the KNX IP medium.

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