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Elsner Elektronik Begins Construction of New Business Premises

New location with space for the advancement of the company

On 16 April, the building work for the construction of the new business premises for Elsner Elektronik in Ostelsheim (Cawl district) was officially launched with a celebratory ground-breaking ceremony. The building project goes hand-in-hand with a relocation to the neighbouring town. This move has become inevitable after various extensions, acquisitions and new developments in the last 10 years at the current location. The administrative district and staff are pleased that the company remains faithful to its location and committed to “Made in Germany”. The new building will combine administration, development and production under one roof. The €6.5 million investment will create a new building with 3500m² floor space, which will offer space for the expansion of the company and create new jobs.

21-ARCH architects have designed a building that offers the best prerequisites for optimum work processes and pleasant working conditions. Furthermore, the building exceeds all energy requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV. The triple-glazed double façade will not only ensure an outstanding insulation rating, but also create a bright and open work environment. Thanks to Elsner Elektronik products, the building technology will naturally be state-of-the-art too. An independent combined heat and power station will make manufacturing less dependent on the grid. Thus, Elsner Elektronik will be well-equipped for the future at its new location. Building work is set to be completed in January 2015.

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