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Dinitel 2000 S.A. Joins the KNX Association

Dinitel 2000 SA was founded in 1993, the initiative came from the technology center Tekniker Foundation and a group of companies of various sectors: architecture, engineering and construction. The technology center Tekniker Foundationis our partner and technology collaborator of reference. With more than 30 years of experience and over 200 engineers doing research and product development, the Tekniker Foundation forms an important basis for current and future development of Dinitel.

Our Vision.

For Dinitel, a housing is more than just a place to live, more than just a house. At home we live, and we like to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. Therefore, we spend much effort looking for the ideal home, the place where we feel comfortable and where life is more enjoyable. Dinitel is aware of the needs of the people, provides technological solutions that improve the quality of life in homes, providing them with solutions that provide:

A safer home.
A nicer home.
A more efficient home.
A connected home.
A more accessible home.
A supporting home.
A balanced home.

Our Mission.

At Dinitel, we design, develop and market vivimat® home automation systems.Our Human Capital and our vast experience in the sector makes Dinitel a reference in the market for home automation systems. We emphasize on the quality and the design of our products as well as on the transparency and the support before and during the implementation. This is why we at Dinitel, pamper and look after our vivimat® home automation products as well as our sales network, called vivimat® network.

Now Dinitel is working to design and sell KNX-related products.

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