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KNX Belgium and its Partners Showcase Four KNX Application Areas at Batibouw in Brussels

Batibouw HAL 9 – booth 207, 20.02 – 03.02.2014

KNX world standard for home automation: 4 applications at Batibouw!

This year, at Batibouw KNX offers a completely renewed concept. It presents four KNX application areas through its modular box display.

The Basic Box

The basic box KNX shows you how to take advantage of the KNX system in a single installation. An economic solution with expansion possibilities.

The Energy Box

Constantly looking to increase energy efficiency, KNX offers for years the most complete package of modules energy meter to record any type of energy consumption. The possibilities range from simple electric meter for calculating full performance of your heat pump through the calorimeters.

In addition to measuring and recording the data, the KNX installation can control the different techniques. Thus, using the counter and control KNX ensures efficient use of energy with sustainable economies in the key!

The Comfort Box

Freedom of choice and ease of use are the luxuries of our time. A further integration of the different techniques ensures ease of use. With open KNX standard, you choose the products you want, without compromise.

The Comfort Box opens a door to a world of possibilities. Home automation is to dream away without sacrificing freedom of choice.

The KMO Box

The scope of the automation goes far beyond private homes. It also provides solutions to the corporate market and the care sector.

The KMO box shows you the practical applications that improve the management of your office building. Consider for example the constant light control in your offices, access control, to multimedia integration or intelligent control of your air conditioning system.

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