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Tejas Innovative Solutions Joins the KNX Association

Tejas is in the field of design and manufacture of innovative products for home automation and entertainment for modern building infrastructure. We are based in Chennai, one of the major Indian cities known for its knowledge hub activities.

We specialize in supply of electronic products for OEMs in line with the customer’s requirement and schedules. We have achieved the status of being a trust worthy, reliable and preferred partner of every OEM customer we work with. We achieve this by developing a customer-centric culture where customer satisfaction is the priority of every one in the organization.

We have chosen to focus on the cutting edge technologies including wireless with RF and Infra Red technologies. We are committed to high professional standards in these domains to ensure that we bring our customers product reliability of a high order. Through product quality and reliability in the chosen domains of focus we provide the strategic advantage to our customers. We derive quality and reliability through comprehensive testing and quality assurance plan and its implementation throughout the design process so that our customers are assured of uncompromised product quality.

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JUNG area / line coupler

JUNG area / line coupler
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