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Shanghai FU-CHENG Trading Corporation Joins the KNX Association

FU-CHENG Intelligence was originally founded by Shanghai FU-CHENG Trading corporation in January 1999. Shanghai FU-CHENG Trading Corportaion was authorized as the professional dealer of Intelligence Building Control System in China by ABB.

It is also one of the earliest dealers of KNX/EIB intelligent building control system. During 2001 to 2005, Shanghai FU-CHENG has successfully signed serveral outstanding and well-known projects, which includes the Rich Gate Project at Shanghai xintiandi. Our company was invited by ABB to visit the manufactories in Germany.

In 2005, the company started expanding the business through the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Straits. From 2007 to 2009, the company established Fuzhou FU-CHENG Electrical Technology Corporation and Xiamen FU-CHEN Electrical Technology Corporation, and were also authorized by ABB (China).

In 2008, Shanghai FU-CHENG intelligent Engineering Corporation was established. It was then authorized by Schneider Electric (China) Investment Corporation.

During this period, our team has achieved several outstanding achievements: Shanghai ABOVE THE BUND Project has been nominated by the International Prize Award 2010 KNX international grant. Shanghai Changfeng International Building Project was awarded “Energy saving Award” by the 2010 KNX (China) Application Award. In order to expand to the global market, FU-CHENG Technology Development was formed in HongKong in 2012, which gave the company a strong position to import and export technologies and goods.

FUCHENG Executive Committee is the core institution with Development, Marketing, Sales and Technology Center departments.

FU-CHENG intelligence gathers many progessional elites. Ten people achieved the certificates authorized by KNX/EIB and C-Bus, which formes an excellent management, sales and after-sales service team. Our team has gained trusts from our customers. FU-CHENG Intelligence will continue expanding our business through the Yangtze River Delta Region, Economic Zone on the West Side of the Straits and Hong-Kong and Macao Regions.

FU-CHENG Intelligence provides solutions using standard protocol including KNX/EIB, CDMA/CD(C-Bus), Lonworks, Modbus, Bacnet, Enocean, Tcp/ip, DALI, OPC, Etc. Consequently, we can offer best solutions for our customers by integrating the advantages of each protocol.

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