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EMU Electronic Joins KNX Association

EMU Electronic AG was established in 1989 as a spin-off of Landis & Gyr. The founders Eberli und Muntwyler developed the world’s first digital energy and power meters.

Our motivated teams are efficiently organised, which makes us fast and flexible. EMU Professional and EMU Allrounder are Swiss made. Thanks to highquality components you stand to benefit from the long service life of our high-quality energy meters. We have a large storage of parts and products and guarantee a very short delivery time.

The Australian ratite bird emu has one specific feature. On account of its special anatomy of its legs it can never go backwards. EMU Electronic AG can’t do that either. Instead, we take giant steps, like an emu, towards a new era where energy efficiency is the key to the survival of our culture.

A 2000-Watt society in no utopia for us. The first step in any power optimisation is measurement. For over 23 years we have been developing the world’s first digital energy meter. At a glance it shows the energy used by your company, your house or your holiday home in Spain, and reveals where you could save energy and costs.

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