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Consorzio Terranuova Joins the KNX Association

Consorzio TerraNuova was established in 2010 on the initiative of 10 SMEs, with a view to creating a centre of excellence for the development, manufacture and marketing of products for the electronics sector.

Based on the client’s requirements, the TerraNuova Consortium can deal with every single aspect of the project – from the definition of the specifications all the way to the finished product. Our skill sets encompass all of the following areas:

• Concept and design of analogue and digital electronic control and power systems;
• Design of PCBs;
• Design/manufacture of cabling;
• Design/manufacture of windings (coils and transformers);
• Design and implementation of mechanical engineering solutions (from IP20 to IP65);
• Checks and certifications;
• Assembly operations using PTH and SMT technologies (including BGA);
• Assembly of finished products;
• Checks and testing;
• Post-sales support.

The company has an in-house R&D laboratory, which is currently staffed by 12 researchers (alongside various external partners) who make it possible to respond pro-actively to any client-specified requirements. The experience accumulated over the years by the 10 companies within the consortium in their dealings with major multinationals has now been consolidated in a manufacturing business based on a “Short Production Chain”. Ours is an organisation that is capable of responding to the market rapidly, flexibly and at a relatively reduced cost, with all of the expertise and scalable volumes that would be expected of a far larger business.

Since 2011, Consorzio TerraNuova has been conducting specific research geared towards the definition of new products, to be launched directly onto the consumer electronics market. We research and analyse the characteristics of all new products in accordance with specific procedures, encompassing product design, market research and feasibility testing. Our products include smart lighting for building and smart power for building.

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