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Gira Presents New KNX Module for its Dual/VdS Smoke Alarm Devices at ISE 2014

Stand 7-P180, ISE 2014

Gira will present its new KNX module for the Dual/VdS smoke alarm device at ISE 2014.

This KNX module integrates a Dual/VdS smoke alarm device into the KNX control system. Using this module, fault messages from a smoke detector can be registered and their origins can be linked to specific rooms, which enables purposeful initial countermeasures to be launched. In case of fire, blinds and shutters are then raised automatically and windows are opened. The front door is also unlocked and lights along the escape route are switched on. Moreover, current warnings are displayed on the Gira control panels and home occupants who are absent can be alerted of the risk of fire by a phone call or text message if they wish.

The KNX module can be powered via the KNX/EIB line or via an optional power supply from the 230V line by means of a 230V socket. Any number of devices can be connected.

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