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Gray Scott Electrical Contractors Reaps the Benefit of KNX Partner Training

Gray Scott is one of a growing number of electrical contractors to become fully certified as a KNX Partner. This has given him all the necessary accreditations to undertake KNX home automation and intelligent building installations using KNX certified products – and opened up new business opportunities for Gray Scott Electrical Contractors.

Based in the surrounding area of Chichester, the company has been established for over twenty years and is fully accredited with the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA). A combination of experience, professionalism and high levels of customer service has been the backbone to the company’s success.

Always keen to respond positively to clients’ requests, the decision to undertake KNX Partner training was taken when a customer asked him about installing KNX products. “With the client insisting upon using KNX, we realised that as a company we had to get up to speed with this energy saving technology and standard for building control systems.”

Gray also recognised that KNX represented a good opportunity for his business that undertakes both commercial and residential electrical installations. So KNX, with its focus on maximising energy efficiency in the fields of everything from lighting & security to heating & ventilation, was an area of expertise that Gray wished to capitalise on.

“Everything these days is about energy consumption in buildings and KNX technology is clearly about maximising energy efficiency through building automation,” says Gray.

On customer recommendation, Gray chose Ivory Egg in Bosham, West Sussex – close to his business HQ – as a venue to undertake his KNX Partner training. The five day course, designed by the KNX Association in Brussels, provided all the information and qualifications he needed to provide the best KNX installation service for his own customers. The training culminates in two exams and successful candidates are then eligible to be called a KNX Partner.

The course is conducted by the most experienced KNX tutor in the UK, with over 10 years experience in the industry. The course is therefore also packed with additional practical knowledge. Supported by the expert staff at Ivory Egg, each trainee has access to his own demo kit during the course. There is also a showroom which allows delegates to get to know many KNX products from different manufacturers. It is also a great opportunity for networking and sharing experiences with fellow KNX professionals.

“It was a good training programme at Ivory Egg, providing me with the initial kick start in to the world of KNX. The key now is using it day to day to get more experience,” says Gray.

Gray Scott is a regular customer and visitor to Ivory Egg to discuss KNX. He also completed KNX Heating and Gira Homeserver training during 2013. “KNX has already shown that it interfaces well with our other electrical fields of expertise and overall is a very good technology. It is a quality tool to have in our bag of services,” he concludes.

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