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KNX Greece Runs KNX ETS4 Apps Workshop on 7 December in Athens

There are apps for iPhone, for smart phones, for tablet PCs – and now there are KNX apps for the Engineering Tool Software ETS. In principle, the ETS Professional software is all you need to install and configure KNX systems. Just as for mobile phones, users may however want additional functionality when applying KNX. With the concept of the ETS Apps, the KNX Association has found a solution to keep ETS open for future wishes of users and technical developments.

KNX Greece has organised a KNX ETS4 Apps Workshop for KNX certified KNX Partners to look at the possibilities offered by ETS, and applications that work with the ETS to make it even more powerful and efficient.

When: 9.00 – 17.30 7 December 2013
Where: Hotel Novotel in Athens

Participation is free.

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