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KNX Germany Organises 4th Successful Colloquium

On the 8th of November 2014, KNX Germany again welcomed a very large crowd for its 4th KNX Colloquium.

Very informative presentations were given on a large variety of subjects to a mixed audience of 120 delegates including integrators, building designers, manufacturers.

After Mr. Horst, Deputy President of KNX Germany, opened the conference, presentations were given on such topics as: room automation and energy efficiency, operating battery storages, German national and international standardization in home and building control, new or future extensions of the KNX system, battery-free wireless communication, the ETS 5 and tips and tricks related to liability and legal risks of system integrators in the German market.

A very lively and constructive panel discussion was held after the presentation of the VDE Smart Home Certification initiative, with representatives from industry, integrators, VDE as well as the German ministry of economy and technology.

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