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Technische Unie Offers Gira KNX/EIB-2 Two-Day Workshop

During the workshop KNX/EIB-2 you can increase both your theoretical knowledge and your practical skills.

The European Installation Bus (EIB) is a collaboration between a large number of manufacturers. These manufacturers have developed on the basis of a common protocol, each having a bus system. With EIB to control systems in homes and commercial buildings switching and control with the aim of increasing the manageability, security, flexibility, energy efficiency and ease of use and comfort.

This two-day workshop will include programming Gira KNX products with EIB PRO centrally, integration of systems and troubleshooting.

The workshop Gira KNX/ IB 2 is a classroom workshop with demonstrations and examples , interspersed with commands you run on an EIB PRO workstation under expert guidance. The bulk of the workshop is practical.

The workshop is intended for qualified electricians. You will be familiar with the Windows interface and have an understanding with home automation. If you want to participate in the workshop KNX/EIB-2, you must have attended the three-day KNX/EIB basic course (code 3025).

Course Details

Location : Training
Address : Safariweg 16-17 , 3605 MA Maarssen, The Netherlands
Date : 9 and 10 December
Times : From 9:00 to 16:30
Course Duration: 2 days
Group size : Minimum 6 , maximum 10 participants
Course Code : 3013
Price : € 150.00 (excl. VAT ) including lunch and study
Phone : 0346-283077
Fax : 0346-555477
Email :

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