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KNX Association Releases ETS Version 4.1.7 Update

ETS has now been updated to a new release: ETS4.1.7. This new version can be downloaded online via your ETS4 installation update. You will find all details about the release notes and improvements on the KNX Association web site.


Besides specified TP couplers now also IP coupler can manage the full group address filter table range (manufacturer must support this explicitly, e.g. with a new product database)
Memory allocation reduced on creating some report type

Solved Problems

Text (e.g. for visualization) will be downloaded correctly into a device also on other code pages rather than ISO 8859-1 (e.g. Cyrillic ISO 8859-5)
Projects with dummy devices and hence this a lot of group addresses do not cause a memory system overflow on report creation
Navigation with cursor within the tree view under Windows 8 (.NET 4.5) again possible
Changed column configuration in monitor is considered in the workplace as „changed“ and saved as well
On project export under Windows XP in some circumstances a file without file extension is created; this problem is solved
Displaying of products texts from online catalogue is done in the ETS Import Wizard also in the correct language
If an ETS- App is saved within the ETS workplace but for any reason is later on no longer licensed, at the next start of ETS its user interface will be cleaned-up accordingly

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