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KNX Italy to Run Workshop – 17 October 2013

KNX Italy is running a workshop, “KNX your key to the future” on 17 October 2013 in Novara. The event is being organised in collaboration with Comoli & Ferrari at the 3E Lab facilities, via Mattei 58, Novara, Italy.

The workshop is worth 4 credits, as required by the ‘Regolamento di Formazione continua dei Periti Industriali’.

Participants will also have access to the KNX eCampus through which a free license ETS4 Lite can be acquired.


The introductory part of the conference will focus on the application opportunities of the KNX standard.

Next will be a look at legislation relating to energy, focussing on the advantages offered by the recent CEI 64-8 directive. Special attention will then be paid to the new apps for the KNX ETS4 Engineering Tool Software, to be used with the new version 4.1 that has been available since the end of May 2013, in order to obtain additional features.

The seminar then takes a deeper look at the classes of automation and its main functions and energy benefits for residential and tertiary sectors. It will examine solutions involving photovoltaics, solar thermal, solar cooling and geothermal energy. It will illustrate, with specific design examples, how KNX interacts with such solutions.

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