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IRidium Mobile Offers KNX Webinar Thursday 19 September

IRidium Mobile is hosting a free technical training webinar on iRidium for KNX this Thursday 19th September at 15:00 GMT. The trainer is Roger Wicks, a programmer at Rocfusion bvba, who will go over in some detail how it is possible to control KNX with the iRidium Mobile solution.

At the webinar you can learn to:

• work with the GUI Editor;
• create a project to control KNX automation system;
• configure a license for your control panel;
• upload your project to your device.

Course Outline

An overview of KNX Control.
• KNX Interface and programming requirements.
• Importing KNX Device Command
• Manually creating a KNX Device
• Adding Send Commands
• Adding Feedback Commands
• Practical
• Summary

Course Requirements

• iRidium software (release build or higher) to be installed on your computer.
• Valid license (trial, demo, full).
• KNX Test setup – with KNX switches, dimmers, temp sensor, supported KNX IP Interface connected to your local network.
• Black GUI Training Edition Project (will be provided when you start the training)

Those completing the course will receive the iRidium Specialist Certificate for KNX.

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