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La Salle Almere Offers KNX Home Automation Course, 14 -18 October 2013

Aimed at professionals who want to learn the most popular home automation system in the world, La Salle Almere, in Almere, Netherlands, is offering the opportunity to create a basic KNX Robot using commercially-available elements. Students will also learn how to integrate commercial robotics platforms into the standard system. Students who successfully complete the final exam will receive a globally-recognised KNX Partner Certificate.

Start Date: Monday 14th October 2013
Course Duration: 5 days.


The course provides the knowledge and tools needed to design, implement and monitor projects in the sector of building automation based on KNX. Today, there are a number of technological solutions for home automation networks designed for specific areas or needs; this fact has confounded engineers, installers, and users. Hence standards-based home automation solutions that accommodate the entire range of potential domestic and industrial applications are prevalent on the market.


Jordi Albó Canals, PhD
Ignacio de Ros Viader


The course lasts 30 hours in total spread over the week from Monday to Friday. Half of the time will be dedicated to practical systems programming and half will consist of lectures.

Course Syllabus

– KNX System Arguments
– KNX Communication
– KNX TP1 Topology
– KNX TP1 Telegram
– KNX Bus Devices
– KNX TP1 Installation
– KNX Powerline PL110
– ETS Project Design: Basic
– ETS Project Design: Advanced
– ETS Commissioning
– ETS Diagnostics
– KNX-Bot
– Connecting Service Robots to KNX


– Learn KNX system fundamentals.
– Discover integration possibilities for building facilities: HVAC, lighting, etc.
– Obtain International KNX Certificate.
– Determine how robotics can be connected to home automation systems.

Location and Cost

The course costs 1000 Euros and takes place at La Salle Almere, P. J. Oudweg 1, 1314CH Almere, Netherlands.

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