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Vecolux Announces Autumn KNX Home Control Workshops in Belgium

Vecolux is the exclusive distributor and agent in Belgium for various reputable manufacturers of electrical installation materials and KNX products for home and building automation. Our customers are electrical wholesalers.

Vecolux also provides technical support and training for installers, employees of wholesalers, engineering offices, architects and industrial customers.

Due to the success of our workshops on KNX home control, we are expanding our programme, which now includes:

KNX Home Control
Are you convinced about rapidly-evolving market KNX, but finding it difficult to sell the idea to your customers?
Are you seeking higher returns for your programming and looking to spend less time in research and testing work?
With this course, you will be amazed by how much functionality can be achieved with a project that has a budget of only 4000 Euros, and how quickly this can be done.

KNX Climate
If you, want to specialise in our solutions for passive and low-energy homes, this course is for you! It is a combination of KNX and our partnership with the Passive House Platform Belgium. This course is only open to those who have already completed the KNX Home Control course.

ayControl and EagleFLX
KNX’s high purchase price, limited adjustability by residents, long integration time, and high complexity are all factors that can act as a deterrent, so it is important to get the right mix of components for a successful project. We believe that AyControl and EagleFLX Cloud Cake are two important parts of this mix!

Aycontrol allows simple and beautiful visualisations of KNX on all mobile devices that are equipped with iOS or Android. All you need is a simple KNX IP gateway.
EagleFLX provides you with a 100% secure connection between the KNX system and the Internet, allowing you to remotely program with ETS and operate safely with AyControl.

Audio and KNX
If you have already repeatedly offered an audio solution, but using KNX was too limited or expensive for the customer, this course will show you how to make the right choices. It will explore different touchscreens and keypads, and how to use them for controlling audio around the home. It will also look at different music services and distribution methods.

Location and Costs
The workshops take place between 11:00 and 17:00 at Vecolux, Rue de l’Industrie 10, 2960 St-Job-in-‘t-Goor, Belgium.
The cost per participant is 120 Euros plus VAT (145.20 Euros inc VAT), which includes a sandwich lunch.
Each course is limited to 8 participants, and requires Basic ETS.

After the training you will receive a voucher worth 120 Euros which is immediately exchangeable for one of 10 selected Vecolux products.

For more information contact or telephone +32 3 633 10 26.

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