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Berker Modernises Training Centre in Ottfingen, Germany

Berker has modernised its training centre in Ottfingen with new conference rooms and a bright and friendly environment that does away with the old school of chalk and talk.

The new centre was expanded to accommodate a growing number of participants. The Berker team, which consists of four speakers, an assistant and a competent colleague for hosting, can now perform two seminars at the same time.

In addition to the technical features of the training centre, as well as the knowledge and pedagogical skills of the speakers, is the inspiring atmosphere of the seminars, which are designed to make learning fun.

Facilities include a smart board and visualiser, and real sub-distribution boards providing the opportunity to integrate various devices flexibly and easily. In addition, the showroom provides full operational functions with a visible standing cabinet and connected IP devices.

“For us, the speaker acts as a moderator. We consistently provide comprehensive support for the participants. There is no boredom and no stress, because learning should be fun and have a high practical relevance. This way, participants more readily retain the content they have learned,” says team leader, Yves Peters.

“This applies both to events for electrical engineers, employees of the electrical wholesale industry and especially electricians, who form the majority of our participants.”

The Berker site at Ottfingen now has two modern KNX training rooms. Here, various seminars are currently offered, including a KNX-certified combined course. The seminars tend to last for two days.

The seminar topics include:

‘Introduction to the KNX system world’ – planning and commissioning of KNX-based products’
‘Efficient lighting and shading control with KNX’ – planning and commissioning of KNX products for lighting and shade control.
‘Energy-efficient building control and regulation in KNX’ – planning and commissioning of KNX products for the appropriate building control.
‘KNX IP Control’
‘KNX alarm centre’
‘Combined course with KNX certification’

For more information, please download the conference programme and registration options from the website.

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