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TAPKO Technologies Offers KAIphys Hardware to Revolutionise the KNX TP Physical Layer

KAIphys is the first non-ASIC KNX interface based on standard components that allows developers to provide cost-effective KNX solutions. The fact that no custom ASIC is necessary and there is a choice of different modules, means that there is an extraordinary potential for streamlining the hardware design of your future products.

KAIphys is KNX certified, and provides a superior solution that enables high flexibility combined with a high level of signal processing quality, operating over a very wide range of power from the bus.

The innovative circuit is the hardware component of the technology platform KAI (KNX Advanced Interface) for KNX-enabled bus devices. KAIphys, together with KAIstack forms the basis for complete KNX devices. Hardware and software components of KAI can be adapted according to given conditions.

KAIphys provides you with a chance to easily replace your current solution in order to improve technical performance and optimise product costs.

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