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The Navarra College of Industrial Engineers Offers KNX Partner Expert in Building Management and Smart Homes Course

PLACE: Official College of Industrial Engineers of Navarra
DATE: 2, 3, 4, 5 and September 6, 2013
DURATION: 30 hours (50% theory and 50% practice)
SCHEDULE: From 15:00 to 21:00 h.
NOTICE: You need to go to the course with laptop
REGISTRATION: € 600 (€ 540 registration before July 22)
GRANT: Tripartite Foundation for employees who request before August 19, 2013
DEADLINE: August 19, 2013


Due to the continuous evolution of the sector, the need arises to integrate into the new buildings technologically sophisticated management systems that enable energy optimization and offer users greater safety, comfort and communication.

CONITEC GROUP S. L. from Engineering & Training department, founded this course with the firm purpose to support and pass on their knowledge in the management of smart buildings and homes throughout the country.


This course is aimed at installers, engineers, architects, or any professional that aims to have knowledge of:
-Applications KNX in buildings, offices, hotels, homes, etc.
-Theoretical concepts of topology and protocol.
Programming-mode theoretical and practical level.
-Mode installation.
Realization of projects.
-Making budgets.
Commercial-sector vision of home and building automation.
No previous knowledge required, although it is advisable to have knowledge of electrical engineering and electrical systems generally in homes and buildings.


After completing the course, participants will be able to Designing, Installing and Maintaining facilities automation of homes and buildings via the KNX system. After passing the exam official KNX end of the course the student can access the PARTNER KNX condition, benefiting among others:
1) Obtaining a number of KNX Partner and inclusion in the list of Partners of the website of the KNX Association.
2) The certificate grants the right to use the KNX logo in advertising / office. It is a recognized trademark that only members of the Association may be used.
3) Enjoy the benefits in software acquisition ETS (KNX Tool Software)
4) The certificate is a guarantee of quality recognized by developers, engineers, architects, schools, builders, manufacturers looking integrators, etc..


System 1.Argumentos
5.Componentes bus
1.The ETS software: general characteristics
2.Create a project with ETS
3.Diseño simple projects with ETS
4.Diseño more complex projects with ETS
5.Iniciar module startup / Test
6.Cambios in design during commissioning


S. L. CONITEC GROUP Specialists


Price Enrollment: 600 € (540 € registration before July 22) which includes:
Official documentation of the course-KNX Partner
Examination fee KNX-Partner
-Registration on the website
-Official Certificate Processing KNX KNX Partner by International Brussels
-License ETS LITE (worth € 100)

To register call 958250888 or email

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