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Sichuan Jiuzhou Optoelectronic Technology Joins KNX Association

Jiuzhou Optoelectronic is a professional Solid State Lighting, LED Packing and Display Screen manufacturer, a high technology enterprise and a branch of the Sichuan Jiuzhou Electrical Group, which is one of the top 100 electronic conglomerates in China. The company has established provincial technology center – LED research center and postdoctoral research stations, three joint laboratories respectively with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hong Kong University of science and technology and the University of Electronics, Science and Technology of China. The company has two factories both in Shenzhen City and Sichuan Province, with an area of 50.000 square meters and 12,000 square meters respectively. The company has built professional LED dice and luminaire laboratories, which has the world’s newest experimental instruments and simulation programs for optics, thermology, etc.

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