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Futurasmus Announces New KNX Distribution Office in China

Futurasmus is now present in the Chinese market, not only online with a dedicated web site, but also with headquarters in Beijing.

In this country, where KNX has been formally approved as “The Technical Specification of HBES Control Network – Home and Building Control System”, Futurasmus will be the official distributor of the following KNX manufacturers:


Our commercial partner, Beijing Handz Engineering & Technology Service Co., will follow the philosophy of Futurasmus: excellent KNX support, full KNX solution and great conditions.

Mr. Li Hao, Technical Manager and KNX Tutor, and Mr. Yin Shuai, Sales Manager, are the skilled and experienced KNX professionals who will be in charge of Futurasmus China and its team.

From now on, the Chinese KNX partners have a new option to buy their components from not an online shop, but a real national wholesaler. Our Chinese list prices include the shipping to Beijing, customs, taxes, and any other import costs.

Other Futurasmus subsidiaries will be announced soon.

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