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Ivory Egg Announces More KNX Training Dates in UK

KNX is Europe’s most popular control protocol and its popularity is exploding here in the UK. We believe it is important to be fully up to speed with any system before recommending or installing it and we have a training provision, with two levels of course to support your progress with KNX.

Our KNX courses carry CEDIA CEU points and are taught at Ivory Egg HQ in West Sussex, by a trainer with over ten years of KNX integration experience and supported by expert staff.

So far this year our courses have been oversubscribed but we do have more dates in 2013 with availability. Just make sure to contact us sooner rather than later, as spaces get booked up quickly!

Introduction to KNX – ½ day course (3 CEDIA CEU points)

This ½ day introductory course runs every month and is a perfect opportunity for technical and non- technical minds to investigate the options further and get that all important advice. The first half of the session will include a presentation of set content that will cover essential information about KNX. The second half allows for time to answer any specific questions or queries delegates may have. This may be in relation to upcoming projects or specific products. It includes a walk around our working KNX showroom and also provides ample opportunity to chat with our team members and collect literature to take away with you.

We have previously worked with installers and electrical contractors to help them to decide if they want to work with KNX and show how it can provide additional business opportunities for them. Design professionals and technical services alike have come to us for Intro training to understand the breadth and flexibility a KNX system can offer, in terms of design options, functionality and energy saving benefits. Completion of this course allows for natural progression on to the Certification course for those wishing to install a KNX System.
We can accommodate up to 8 people per session and lunch will be provided. Click here to find out when these courses are running and associated costs.

KNX Certification (become a KNX Partner) – 5 days (5 CEDIA CEU points)

If you’re ready to take the next step, the KNX Certification course will prepare you for life on a KNX job and award you the official KNX Partner title. The syllabus for this course is designed by the KNX Association in Brussels and at Ivory Egg we cover the highest level of approved content, more than any other UK training centre. We appreciate that 5 days may seem like a long time but this ensures that you have all the information you need to provide the best installation service for your clients. After you have completed your 5 days training with us and passed the 2 exams on the final day you are eligible to call yourself a KNX partner. There are no more modules to complete at a later date or within a time constraint, 5 days with us and you are fully certified!

The course is taught by the most experienced KNX tutor in the UK who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. Drawing on this wealth of knowledge allows our tutor to pack the course with additional knowledge making this by far the most comprehensive KNX courses worldwide.

Located in a working KNX building and supported by the expert staff at Ivory Egg , each trainee has access to their own demo kit during the course and we have a showroom which allows you to see products from over 20 manufacturers in the flesh with working demos. It’s not all work though – we provide the atmosphere and time for socialising by having a relaxed lunch every day and we organise 2 evening meals which are a great opportunity for networking with fellow industry colleagues. Included in the course fee is:

• The training version of the independent programming software (ETS4 LITE)
• All written course materials for you to take away
• Discount on upgrading to the professional version of ETS4
• 1 year’s free membership to the KNX Association (KNX Membership initiative)
• Lunch each day and 2 evening meals
• Free WiFi at Ivory Egg
• Access to pick the brains of our knowledgeable staff!

We can accommodate up to 8 people per session. Click here to find out when these courses are running and associated costs.

Please click here for more information about each of our KNX courses and to book your place. If you would like to discuss the training further, please email or call 01243 572700.

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