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Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology Features KNX Association

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology (GEBT) opens on June 9 with 20,000 sqm of confirmed exhibition space

Leading suppliers share their goals for the 2013 show

A comprehensive selection of fringe events provide an engaging experience to all attendees

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology will take place from 9 – 12 June, renewing its commitment to the growth of China’s building industry. The fair will be held once again at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, where 20,000 sqm of exhibition space has been booked, a 33% increase from the previous year. The two main themes of the show continue to be Electrical Engineering and Building Automation. As such, the show will host 287 of industry-leading suppliers, including brands such as BOCHO, Crestron Electronics, Dalitek, Delta Green Tech, Echelon, Hedong, Legrand, EnOcean, Menred, Phillips, Seyoung, Songri, Siemens and Wago.

The fair is being held concurrently with Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and Building Solar China, providing a comprehensive collection of some of the most innovative technologies and solutions in the property development sector. Some of the countries represented by exhibitors will include Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and the US. In addition, more than 26,000 visitors are expected to attend from China and around the world.

Leading suppliers share their goals for the 2013 show

One of the biggest goals shared by both domestic and overseas exhibitors this year is to increase public awareness of their brands and discover new business opportunities through the show. Sharing his company’s reasons for joining the show, Mr Li Wen Xin, Sales Director of Seyoung Electronics expressed: “Our core business includes lighting control systems and smart home control systems. And for us, Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology is a natural fit to promote these products, conduct business exchange with industry professionals and open up more business opportunities.”

Delta Green Tech, a subsidiary of Delta Group shared similar praise for the show’s marketing capability. Ms Lin Qiu Ju, Head of Intelligent Building and Energy Efficiency noted: “Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology is an excellent platform for demonstrating intelligent building technology and concepts in energy saving. We plan to promote our latest products and work with industry professionals to explore the growing green and intelligent building market.”

Mr Xiao Sheng Qian, Marketing Manager of a company focused on electrical engineering, Hunan Siase Electrician industry Co Ltd, also shared high hopes for the show’s ability to help his business. He shared: “We plan to showcase 13 new products to electrical engineering professionals at the fair, and I firmly believe Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology will greatly help us in finding new customers, as well as promoting our brand to the international community.”

A comprehensive selection of fringe events provide an engaging experience to all attendees

In order to offer a more engaging experience to attendees, influential players from leading companies and industry associations such as China Smart Home Industry Alliance, China Hotel Purchasing and Supplying Association (CHPSA), Guangdong Real Estate Industry Association, Guangdong Association of Automation (GAA) and KNX Association will provide their views and experiences on a wide range of topics. Some of the confirmed fringe programmes and a few of their scheduled discussion topics include:

– China Smart Home Industry Alliance Forum – Southern China 2013: Dedicated to investigating the latest trends in smart home technology, the forum will look into recent government policies on the emergence of Internet-of-Things products and technology.
o Noted Topics:
* 2013 Smart Home Market Development Trends
* Establishment of Smart Home Standards and Development of the industry

– China High-end Hotel Green Lighting and Building Automation Development Forum : A platform for showcasing integrated building technology with lighting and HVAC controls systems as well as energy-efficient products applied in hotels across China.
o Noted Topics:
* Hotel Building Automation Control Tactics and Quality Lighting
* Green Energy-Saving Technology Applied in Luxury Hotels

– Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology Symposium – Building Automation & Smart City: Covering future trends and applications in China’s intelligent building and home automation market as well as the development of the country’s smart cities.
o Noted Topics
* Intelligent Building to Digital City (Intelligent City)
* IP Convergence for Intelligent Buildings

– 2013 Intelligent Green Building Operations Management Trend Forum: This forum will investigate development trends and available solutions in the operation, maintenance and management of intelligent green buildings that utilise automaton and integrated control systems.
o Noted Topics:
* LEED Certification and Green Intelligent Building
* Application of Niagara and Sedona Framework in Intelligent Buildings

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