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ON Semiconductor Offers NCN5120 KNX Transceiver for Twisted Pair Networks

The NCN5120 is the first IC from ON Semiconductor’s family of KNX transceivers, handling the transmission and reception of data on the bus. It integrates a 20 V regulator and two high efficient DC-DC converters generating a fixed 3.3 V and a selectable 3.3 to 21 V regulated voltage from the bus with 100 mA drive capability each. This transceiver is ideal for high power applications and has been designed to reduce the bill of materials while supporting safe and reliable coupling to the bus thanks to features such as selectable current slope, bus voltage and temperature monitoring.

NCN5120 is a receiver−transmitter IC suitable for use in KNX twisted pair networks (KNX TP1−256). It supports the connection of actuators, sensors, microcontrollers, switches or other applications in a building network.

NCN5120 handles the transmission and reception of data on the bus. It generates from the unregulated bus voltage stabilized voltages for its own power needs as well as to power external devices, for example, a microcontroller.

NCN5120 assures safe coupling to and decoupling from the bus. Bus monitoring warns the external microcontroller for loss of power so that critical data can be stored in time.

Key Features

• 9600 baud KNX Communication Speed
• Supervision of KNX Bus Voltage
• Supports Bus Current Consumption up to 13 and 26 mA
• Selectable KNX Bus Current (0.5 mA/ms and 1.0 mA/ms)
• High Efficient DC−DC Converters
– 3.3 V Fixed
– 3.3 V to 21 V Selectable
• Control and Monitoring of

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