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KNX Consultants Provides Training for UK Worldskills Candidates

KNX Consultants, a member of the KNX UK Association, has had a major involvement with Team UK in the build-up to the WorldSkills 2013 competition. The company gave training in KNX intelligent building technology to two potential members of the team: young electricians Adrian Canning and Matthew Crane. Matthew Crane has subsequently been selected to represent Team UK in the Electrical Installation category of WorldSkills 2013 which will be held in Leipzig, Germany, 2-7 July 2013.

For the second WorldSkills competition in a row, and following London 2011, KNX has been selected as the platform for competitors to use in the Electrical Installation category. Adrian and Matthew underwent their KNX training at the registered KNX Training Centre of Ivory Egg in Bosham, West Sussex.

Working closely with David Thomas, Team UK’s Education and Training Manager for the Electrical Installations category, Ben Lewis of KNX Consultants was the Tutor for the KNX Basic Certification Course that the candidates followed. He led the five-day training programme, covering the concept and theory of KNX, its practical applications and the use of the KNX ETS software programming tool. At the end of the training, Ben examined them – and both Adrian and Matthew successfully passed a full KNX Partner Certification examination.

“KNX is the worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control and as an open protocol it complies with all relevant international standards,” says Ben Lewis. “Its selection again as the chosen platform in the Electrical Installation category of the WorldSkills competition reflects its global acceptance. We were delighted to train two such dedicated and aspirational young electricians in KNX technology and we are sure that they will find the training to have been invaluable in years to come.”

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