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KNX UK Association Holds BS EN 15232 Seminar in London Docklands

On Wednesday 1 May 2013, the KNX UK Association will be holding a major seminar for building services professionals at The Crystal, London Docklands. The theme is ‘BS EN 15232 – The Impact of Building Automation on Energy Efficiency.’ The seminar will:

• Provide detailed information on this Standard that underpins the realisation of energy-efficient buildings.

• Explain how a life-cycle approach to building services design, monitoring and maintenance will make a major contribution to the achievement of Class A energy building performance.

• Show why KNX technology can provide the optimum solution to support BS EN 15232.

• Demonstrate how KNX technology is already being applied successfully in both The Crystal itself and other landmark buildings to achieve optimum energy performance.

• Provide an optional tour of The Crystal’s highly-informative and widely-applauded Sustainable Cities Exhibition.

The seminar commences at 2.00pm on Wednesday 1 May, with a pre-seminar buffet lunch available from 1.00pm. The presentation will last no more than 60 minutes.

If you are interested in attending this event, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting

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