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Amaisys Training Center Provides Online KNX Courses in Russian

Using its own distance learning platform, The Amaisys Training Center has announced that it plans provide online KNX Partner courses in Russian.

Given the size of Russia, distance learning courses are often the most practical solution for those who need training. Moscow State University for Economics, Statistics and Informatics, for example, is one of the leading training centres in Moscow, and had more than 11,000 distance-learning students enrolled last year.

Furthermore, the Russian Government’s federal programme for the advancement of education 2011-2015 is designed to support the implementation and application of e-learning, with special emphasis on specialised technical training.

The Amaisys Training Center has been offering official KNX Training since 2011, based on its innovative platform: the Amaisys KNX Training Lab. This platform allows students to perform remote practical sessions with real KNX devices.

All of the theoretical and practical contents are approved by the KNX Association and are currently offered in Spanish and English. The Amaisys Training Center is currently testing the platform internally in Russian, and plans to start courses the first week of May.

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