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City College Plymouth Offers City & Guilds KNX Intelligent Building Control Systems Courses

City & Guilds, City College Plymouth and world leading engineering firm ABB have come together to introduce a series of short courses for plumbers and electricians.

The courses are designed specifically to help learners familiarise themselves with the KNX Standard, the worldwide market leader for home and building control. KNX Technology (approved as EU, International, Chinese and US standards) is the result of shared knowledge and experience gained over many years with predecessor technologies. KNX can be used for all tasks in home and building control, ranging from heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water control to name a few.

City College Plymouth, in Plymouth, UK, will begin rolling out the qualification in the summer of 2013. Anyone interested in taking the course should contact Mrs Sharron Robbie, Corporate Relations Manager at City College Plymouth, on +44 (0)1752 305896.

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