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KNX Association Announces Results of its Generation KNX Video Contest

More than 100 videos from 25 countries were submitted for the Generation KNX Video Contest organised by the international KNX Association of Brussels. More than 1500 people registered for the contest that was set up as a unique and novel way to explain what KNX – the Worldwide Technology for Home and Building Control actually means to people. A summary of the contest can be seen in the KNX-YouTube channel.

The outstanding success of the contest can be gauged by the fact that, in total, all the videos have been watched more than 110,000 times and have been shared on Facebook, Twitter and via email more than 20,000 times. They have also been viewed on YouTube more than 10,000 times.

The competition attracted entrants of all ages and from many different walks of life and professions. To give everyone a chance of winning, there were four entry categories: Best Video (judged by a jury from the KNX Association); Sharing Winners, for the entrants who shared their video entry, or the competition itself, the most on social networking sites; Most Voted, for entries that received the most votes; Early Bird Winners, a category for the first entrants to submit their videos. The prizes ranged from 5000 euros for the best video to iPads and iPods for the other categories.

The winners were:

Best Videos:

1. Evolution = KNX by Ricardo Ricci from Italy.
2. Imagine by Heincke Christoph from Germany.
3. Tools For Living by Roura Montoya Jon from Spain.

Most Sharers:

• Pavla Sehnalova from Cezch Republic
• Petr Svoboda from Cezch Republic
• Regis Basselot from France.

Most Voted:

• Happy Sweet Life with KNX by Sylvie De Muynck from Belgium.
• HiDOM – Domotics for Assisted Living (episode 1) by Ricardo Comper from Italy.
• KNX Kids by Febré Pere from Spain.

Early Birds:

• My KNX Image! By Herceg Karol from Slovak Republic.
• What does KNX mean for me? By Vesely Tomas from Czech Republic.
• KNX: Making Environments More Pleasant by Jean Pierre Joubert from South Africa.

The KNX Association also awarded special prizes to a number of entrants who also submitted extremely entertaining or informative videos.

The Generation KNX Video Contest winners’ videos and details are published at and list of all videos can be seen at:

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