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MATELEC 2012 Hosts the 4th KNX Congress

With the slogan “Energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings and homes”, the forum will discuss the latest novelties in the automation and control of buildings and homes

MATELEC, the International Salon of Solutions for the Electrical and Electronics Industry, which is organised by IFEMA and is to be held from 23 to 26 October 2012 at Feria de Madrid, will host the 4th KNX Congress with the slogan “Energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings and homes”. “We will have a large exhibition area where the leading manufacturers and integrators of KNX can show their latest products and services, and an auditorium which for four days will be the venue for an interesting programme of lectures, discussions and roundtables, where the latest advances will be discussed. We are very enthusiastic about holding our congress as part of the leading trade fair for our industry,” said the CEO of KNX España, Antonio Moreno.

The main purpose of the Asociación KNX España is to publicise technology in the Spanish market. It groups together companies and entities which manufacture, distribute, integrate, install and/or promote products, services and solutions based on the KNX standard, an international (ISO/IEC 14543-3) and European (EN 50090 and EN 13321-1) standard, and also a national standard in countries including the USA (ANSI/ASHRAE 135), China (GB/Z 20965) and Spain (UNE 50090). It is designed to certify the quality of the communications technology designed to control and automate buildings of any type, whether residential, tertiary or industrial.

In the 4th KNX Congress, the conferences will be organised in two blocks or groups. Two of the four days will be devoted to architects, planners, engineers, builders and developers, and the others will be for installers, integrators and project designers. The intention is that the professionals who appear, most of them from outside the Asociación KNX España, will present their viewpoints on the current state of technology and discuss with attendees the trends defining the automation and control of buildings and homes.

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