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Despite the challenges, people still find a way to do business. With that in mind, we are delighted to welcome Zennio on board as a sponsor, and start this month with an interview with Vidar Thomassen, head of the newly-set-up Zennio UK.

The evolution of smart home products such as WiFi-based lightbulbs is a positive step, but, as with other consumer electronic devices, there is always the danger of obsolescence. Paul Foulkes discusses this issue and explains why KNX, with its backwardly-compatible ethos, is the safe choice.

Breathing is something that the pandemic has brought into sharp focus, so Simon Buddle has been looking at the WELL building standard and how it deals with air in particular. He also discusses how KNX can be used in a WELL environment, whether it be in a commercial or residential setting.

Whatever we monitor, be it air, humidity, temperature etc, sensors play a crucial role. In his article about using sensors for smarter, more adaptable cities, Cedrik Neike ponders how, as some countries start to ease restrictions on public life, we can go back to ‘normal’ while still maintaining social distancing and feeling safe.

It raises the question: do we want to go back to normal - especially in light of recent events? In a change to his usual technical offering, Mark Warburton pays tribute to #BlackLivesMatter and implores us, as an industry, to reflect and take action.

We also present you with our top stories, events and resources this month, and if that's not enough, there's plenty more at the website. If you have any news, projects or topics you would like us to consider for publication, do get in touch!

- Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor
- Stella Plumbridge, Publisher


Interview: Vidar Thomassen, Zennio UK

Future-proofing: beware of smart home products with a limited lifespan

Wellness: the WELL building standard, clean air and KNX

Dealing with Pandemics: using sensors for smarter, more adaptable cities

Black Lives Matter: in our industry too


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Zennio Announces Availability of NarrowDIM X4 4-Channel Universal Dimmer


KNX Association has a Positive Message for the Future

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ABB MyLearning Virtual Classes in June

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Internet of Things World US
10-13 August 2020
San Jose, CA, USA

SSHT 2020
2-4 September 2020
Shanghai, China

SIBT 2020
2-4 September 2020
Shanghai, China

GEBT 2020
30 September - 2 October 2020
Guangzhou, China

Smart Home Expo
9-10 November 2020
Birmingham, UK

Light + Building 2022
13-18 March 2022
Frankfurt, Germany

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